Amy Schumer Is Coming to Verizon in April, But You'd Better Act Now

Amy Schumer is coming to town next April and tickets go on sale this Friday. In the grand tradition of female comics (or comic -- Kathy Griffin) she'll be performing at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie.

If you haven't heard of Amy Schumer, that's OK. She's an up-and-comer so we won't mock you. Yet. Well, she has a show on Comedy Central so maybe she already up and came which is a perfect segue to Schumer's material. There's a lot of bonin'. She can say pussy without blushing and last year's tour was called "Mostly Sex Stuff" plus her TV show is called INSIDE Amy Schumer for crying out loud. She invented something called grape, gray-area rape, and there's very little she won't talk about. Surely her Jewish father and Protestant mother are beaming.

The point is she does what the dudes do and has actually been called out for it. She told NPR that one club owner said, "That was a lot about sex" and ain't no way they'd say that to a male comic. Put on your girl power pants and make the hike to Grand Prairie a little less than four months from now. Laughs will be had...and who knows, maybe we'll all burn our bras afterward.

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