An Emoji Recap of Downton Abbey's Season Three Finale

I've been frustrated by the latest season of Downton Abbey. It began with the edited out wedding in episode one, was enhanced by too many Edith romance story lines and then the loss of Lady Sybil? Unforgivable.

So when the season finale rolled around, I didn't watch it. Instead, I sat defiantly eating a sandwich. And yes, that sandwich was delicious. Thanks for asking.

Then, the texts started rolling in. My inbox blew up. I became scared of the internet. I had to dodge technology until I could watch the thing, which is how I imagine life is for sports people when they miss their sports.

There aren't words to describe my anger about the closer, so I had to substitute Emojis. If you missed the finale, here's a recap of what happened, as told through annoyed texts with friends. You could say this is the complete dumbing down of life, and you might be correct. But I believe more thought went into these flippant texts than all of the scriptwriting for Season Three, so I deem it appropriate.

------- thread two ---------

While I don't know if I can keep watching Downton Castle Emoji anymore, I am, of course going to keep watching it. Who am I kidding? It will be terrible, and I will yell at it. That's my prediction for Season Four.

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