An Ender's Game Boycott Will Happen in Dallas. Are Your Morals Blockbuster Strong?

Can you truly separate an artist from his art? Arguments from either side of the question grow inflamed in the case of Orson Scott Card. The author of the much-loved Ender's Game has done everything possible to submarine the film adaptation's upcoming box office release -- which is a nice way to say that he's really ramped-up his bigoted fuckery over the last few months.

Card, a long-time opponent of same-sex marriage, has spent more than a decade trying to paint homosexuality as some closet monster, while taking sporadic breaks to call President Obama "Hitler," attack Michelle Obama's role in the White House and to warn us about militarized gangs of urban youths.

It being 2013 and not 1953, Card's stances are blowing back on him. His potential run as a writer on DC comic's "The Adventures of Superman" was met with immense scrutiny, including local comic retailer Zeus Comics refusing to carry any Card-penned issues. Under the tide of petitions, protest and Superman's own artist leaving the project, DC finally removed Card from the storyline.

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Not content with just that victory, Geeks Out -- a pro-LGBT online group that provides LGBT-friendly events and booths at conventions -- has organized a protest against the film adaptation of Card's Ender's Game.

Skip-Ender's Game is a multi-city event that urges supporters of LGBT rights to boycott the premiere weekend of Ender's Game and attend alternative events that are not only LGBT friendly, but anti-hate in general. The Dallas edition of the protest will take place at the historic Texas Theatre where a special showing of The Fifth Element will highlight a night of community, music and cocktails.

Along with showing that you won't stand for intolerance, attendees will be glad to know that all proceeds from the screening go to New Youth Program at The Resource Center Dallas.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.