An Interview with Comic Sean Kent Before He Conquers the "Big, Scary City" This Weekend

"I grew up in Austin, so Dallas was always the great, big, scary city," Sean Kent says over the phone. I called him up to talk about his return to the big southern state, where he'll do five nights of shows this weekend. "I love Hyena's," he says. "There's just something about it -- something goes off. The crowds are super into it, the environment is really conducive to great shows."

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A comic with a lot of socio-political material, this being an election year must affect his act. At the time of the interview, the election was still a few days away.

"Next Tuesday really affects whether or not I can keep doing these Mitt Romney jokes," he says. "'Cause once you lose a presidential race, you're pretty much done."

"I'm really ready for the election to be over," he adds. "Is there anything more annoying than your Facebook page clogged up with people's political Likes?" If Sean sees a friend Like certain candidates on Facebook, he can't help but judge. "It's like, wow, I didn't know you were a fascist." You just never can tell, Sean.

Not that he's much better. "I'm the worst kind of Facebook user. I just use it to get attention and post pictures of my kids."

"So you're whoring your kids out for Facebook Likes?"


Nice. But I'm gonna cut him some slack. Every year, Sean offers his comedic services to the City of Hope show for bone marrow transplant recipients and their families. "Cancer can be depressing. It's good to have some laughs," he says. No one would know better. He has officially beat cancer twice.

Besides touring the country and kicking cancer's ass, Kent spent this year visiting military bases in Europe. "These guys were either getting back from Afghanistan or going to Afghanistan," he says. "They couldn't have been nicer, cooler audiences. They were so grateful."

Well, at least the soldiers were. In Germany, armed with a particularly awful grasp of the local language, Kent essentially told an old German lady he wanted to fuck her dog. "I'm not very good at German," he says.

Kent will be at Hyena's in Fort Worth November 9 and 10, and at Hyena's in Dallas November 15-17.

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