Visual Art

Annabel Daou's "America" at Conduit Gallery

Each week, Fine Lookin' Piece offers an image of a work of art visually compelling enough on its own to inspire our readers to hit up the gallery for a closer look -- even with no prior knowledge of the artist or exhibition.

You'll find it not surprising at all that we writer-types love words. We love the meaning behind them, but we also appreciate the very shape of them, and even the way different handwriting can make the same word take on different meanings.

Annabel Daou's "America" speaks to us on every one of those levels. In it, words, gleaned from the famous and quotable in politics, literature, music, sociology, history and other genres, are legible up close, but from far away (the piece is 7'x13') they become something else altogether. What that is, well, this writer-type isn't going to say right here. You should go to the Conduit and see what translates to you.

See all of "America" through July 2 at Conduit Gallery, 1626 C Hi Line Drive. Visit

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Merritt Martin
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