Are You a Verbose Lothario? Do You Live in Dallas? Here's Your Dream Job.

When OKCupid announced they'd been tricking users into believing they were compatible, thousands of angry couples reexamined their relationships from the dirty socks lining the bottom of the sheets to the "beard" on their boyfriend's chin that looks more like overgrown pubic hairs. Probably. Probably that's what happened. I'm just saying it might've. Get off my back, Mom!

Meanwhile, thousands of happy couples, smiled at each other and sighed serenely while sharing a bottle of wine with straws. No one believed in the numbers anyway because love is far too tricky for percentages in the first place. Of course, numbers can't account for deception. (What's that, honey? You only made out with 1 percent of the women you met in the last year? Phew, I feel so much better.) But if you want a little bit of intrigue in your life and you'd like to get paid to help someone else's relationship get off the ground the American way (lies -- lots of lies), well, there's a job posting on Craigslist with your name written all over it.

It appears they are only looking for men to woo women, or women to woo women. Speaking as a straight female who has upon occasion joined OkCupid (for a friend ...) and Tinder (as a joke ...), there is certainly many a man who could use someone they can bounce ideas off for what is or isn't an acceptable message. For example, "How big have you had?" or "I bet you don't date white guys," is not a great way to snag a date.

You can make $13 to $15 an hour writing profiles and sending said messages. If you want to get some practice in, leave us some writing samples in the comments. We're happy to offer you some feedback before you go through what we're certain will be a rigorous job application.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.