Arlington Woman Competes for Farmer's Love on The Bachelor

Did you wake up this morning with an extra hop in your step? Did you put an extra creamer in your coffee? Did you sing extra loudly in the shower?

We're sure you did. We're positive you did because today is Monday, Jan. 5, the day of the premiere of the 19th season of The Bachelor.

Please, calm yourself. Sit down. Relax. You probably just jumped out of your chair with excitement, but your boss is looking at you and everyone is growing suspicious. Not only is Farmer Chris this year's luckiest man alive because he has gets to date 30 women, but he's also extremely lucky because Arlington resident Carly Waddell is one of them.

Here's what we know about our dear ole Carly (from the ABC website and some personal social media stalking): She's the younger sister of former Bachelorette contestant Zak Waddell, so craziness and the desire to submit yourself to the ABC Gods runs in the family; she's a cruise ship singer; and she can't live without cut-off denim shorts.

Yes, she is a cruise ship singer and yes, her brother has been on the show. In ABC terms, she's guaranteed at least six minutes of airtime on the first episode. Four minutes will be that of Farmer Chris trying to get her to sing, but her playing bashful, but then eventually singing a show tune, and then the other two minutes will be of her talking about her brother's broken heart and how that affected her so much that she decided to risk everything and go on the show.

If there's a home video of her singing with her brother, go ahead and roll over dead because there's nothing left to see.

Other than that, we will have to watch tonight's episode at 7 p.m. to see how everything goes down. We're wishing and hoping and praying she makes it all the way to the hometown dates, so Carly can take Farmer Chris to Six Flags or JerryWorld or wherever else people in Arlington go to, and we can beam with hometown pride. So let the part of your brain that makes the bad decisions take over tonight (grab some wine if that part is a little reluctant) and watch with us to see how Carly does. And which show tune she decides to sing Farmer Chris.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.