Art Bidding and Booty Fade

Last year, Art Con broke my heart. Dallas’ most dynamic charity arts event put a stunning painting up for auction that I coveted hard; it was right there at my fingertips and I lost it when the bids started to spiral past my mortgage payment. I took solace in the fact that I helped drive up the price to the point where the person who ended up with it probably had to refinance their student loans or something, and then I pouted with a beer in my hand the rest of the night. But this year, I won’t be denied. And neither should you. Come ready for the exhilarating bidding and high stakes art wars at Art Con X, as pieces made gratis by local do-gooding artists are auctioned off for the benefit of Anita N. Martinez’ Ballet Folklorico. Scores of pieces stay in the affordable range, and there’s something for everyone—photography, collages multi-media works, sketches, celebrity likenesses—all created onsite at the venue in a 24-hour burst of creativity. There’s also music from the likes of DJ CeePee, Happy Bullets, Booty Fade, and Son of Stan, plus interactive art-making, and drinks to steel your nerves for the spirited auctioneering ahead. Go all in for the arts starting at 7 p.m. Saturday at 500 Singleton Boulevard; tickets are $10 to $125. Visit for tickets and more information.
Sat., Nov. 15, 7 p.m., 2014
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Jennifer Davis-Lamm