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Art Con 8 is Totally Happening, According to This Weird-Ass Teaser Video

Art Con 8 is coming from TZOM Films on Vimeo.

If this video doesn't get you amped up for Art Con 8, the 2012 installment of the popular non-profit fundraiser, then you've probably sprained your philanthropy muscle. Go ahead, rub that out. Now, try again.

It's a teaser for the year's biggest art heist, meant to stimulate your competitive bidding appetite and get you all jingly in the short shorts. Since 2005 Art Conspiracy has raised more than $140,000 for local arts organizations through its auction events -- an amazing feat. Last year's Con forked over $30,000 for Musical Angels, a group that teaches music to hospitalized youth.

Mark August 25 on your summer social calendar; that's the date for RZN8, the fundraiser for the fundraiser. You'll dance to robot-chirping 8-bit grooves, get blitzed and buy art. You'll do it because it's fun, but also because it gives Art Conspiracy the much-needed launch money to produce Art Con 8 later this fall. (The Art Con date has not been announced.)

Also, those attending RZN8 will be pioneers, hearing first which non-profit is this year's Art Con beneficiary. RZN8 rocks a $10 cover, and is being held at Mokah Gallery. Bring extra loot for the SEED art auction.

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