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Art Con 9's Seed Event is June 8, and They'll Have Some Weird Dead Things for Sale

While last year Art Con doled out speakers for RZN8, this year's seed event -- which raises money and awareness for the annual party -- gets more visually freaky. The gang just announced that the June 8 event, MOUNTED, will be all taxidermy-themed.

Participating MOUNTED artists have been issued wall plaques for their "trophies," and many are already at work attempting to capture the visually appealing elements of postmortem sculpture. We won't know what experimental methods they utilize until the big reveal at 7 p.m., auction night, at Life in Deep Ellum.

These seed projects are necessities for the organization, which has raised more than $200,000 dollars for local art-rooted nonprofits since starting in 2005. The cash raised on June 8 will be used to orchestrate the main happening, which drops later in 2013. They're also hype-builders. At MOUNTED, this year's Con-designated beneficiary will be announced.

Opening bids begin at $50, so arrive prepared to expand your local art and taxidermy collections. Black Swan will be there slingin' a signature drink, and food trucks Nammi and Coolhaus will be parked outside. Filling the energy gaps between waves of bidding will be music by The Days, Bethan and Calhoun.

Now, where did I leave that scalpel?

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Jamie Laughlin
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