Art in a Second Language: The Kimbell Will Give Tours in Spanish

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Fort Worth's Kimbell Art Museum announced yesterday that it will offer docent-guided tours in Spanish to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The free 45-minute tours will take place each Saturday Correction: Sunday at 1 p.m., starting September 16 and running through October 14.

Language can be a touchy subject here, but suspending all ideology, knowing how to express yourself is almost always a good thing, and we think the idea of experiencing the Spanish and Mesoamerican works in the Kimbell's permanent collection in a new way is a hell of a cool idea. Whether celebrating your first language, or practicing a second, Spanish tours will offer a rare opportunity to tap into a different mindset while exploring art.

And if you're already familiar with some of the Kimbell's artwork, we're fascinated by the idea that your opinions and emotions might change, when encountering pieces in another language. Have you "experienced" art through the lens of multiple languages and did it affect your impression of a particular piece or pieces?

Here are some items we love from the Kimbell's Spanish and Mesoamerican permanent collections:

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.