Art We Love: Bruce Lee Webb at Magnolia Gallery

Gallery-owning, art-slinging, cobbler-gobbling Waxahachie painter Bruce Lee Webb has a collection of his newest pieces on display at Magnolia Theater. His art's been known to summon spirits and shake barn walls across the South and right now you can see it for nothin' more than the lint in your pocket. But be warned: The show hangs along the theater's most precarious stretch, between the concession gauntlet and the bar, so temptation beckons from all sides. Take refuge in this latest installment of outsider art. It's all conjured and created on top of ancient canvases and fashion prints from the early 1900's.

Sure to raise your mojo, "Flying Soul" features Webb's signature Native American character slapped atop a hundred-year-old editorial page of a Universal Tailoring Company catalog. When examined underneath the paint, you can make out the magazine's print. In it, the author repeatedly stresses the Power of Dress.

"3 Eyed Men Can Yo Yo" looks like an exceptionally rare jazz album cover, one that's both beautiful and demanding to be coveted. It's the idiosyncrasies in Bruce's work that make them treasures -- they represent swamp marsh's squish, the hillbilly gods and all of the vagabonds who ever hopped a train across the South in hopes of finding the perfect bowl of gumbo. Check it out while it's still hanging. It's up until April 25.

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