At 11:11 a.m on 11/11/11, They Dropped a 1953 Cadillac from 50 Feet in the Air

File this under Things You Don't See Every Day...

At 11:11 a.m (which they did, of course, because it's 11/11/11), Frank Kent Motor Co., alongside Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, dropped a 1953 Cadillac--you know, from the air-- where it hit the incredible hard surface known as ground. The vintage Cadillac was destroyed to "start things off with a bang" for the groundbreaking of the new Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth. According to the press release, the bumper will be buried "as a tribute to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo." As you do.

Our photographer Samantha Guzman was on the scene, and brings back a few photos of the severely dented vehicle.

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