Aurora 2015 Is Coming. We Are Psyched!

Dude, remember that time the entire Arts District was filled with light sculptures and art? I don't mean some half-assed, boring event that says it's going to blow your mind but then because it's set such high expectations inevitably lets you down. Aurora is the biennial art event that puts all other art events to shame. It stretches from Klyde Warren Park to One Arts Plaza, and you can expect mind-blowing, jaw-dropping light sculptures like Dan Flavin wouldn't have believed —- OK, maybe Flavin would believe it, but I imagine he'd also be pretty happy with it. 

Aurora didn't happen last year, which means it's going to happen this fall (in case biennial was confusing) and this week the AT&T Performing Arts Center announced a few of the 80 participating artists. The Brooklyn artist collective 3_Search is on the docket to return and play with the Wyly Theatre's surface just like last time, which was mesmerizing.  There is also a collaborative, immersive piece by Dark Matters of Copenhagen that promises to "allow participants to see light in a new way, literally, working from brain research that determines how our eyes perceive light and changing the transmission method to create entirely new illusions." Can you hear my mind being blown? 

If you know what's good for you, you'll clear your schedule for the night of October 16 or risk the most intense version of FOMO possible in Dallas. Because this is only a small taste of what's to come; artists at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Crow Collection, the Nasher Sculpture Center and Klyde Warren Park haven't even been announced yet. 


  • Shane Pennington, Dallas, TX
  • Josh King, Dallas, TX

    Local Artists

  • Art Conspiracy (Rick Fontenot, Mike Arreaga, Jonathan Rudak, Tramaine Townsend and Erica Felicella). Piece Title “Alternate Views”
  • Bike Friendly Cedars, Dallas, Texas. “Aurora Ciclovia”
  • Danielle Georgiou, Dallas, Texas. Piece Title: “Social Studies and Other To/Dos”
  • Erica Felicella, Dallas, Texas. Piece Title: “Moving To Together”
  • Francine Thirteen, Dallas, Texas. Piece Title: “4 Marys and The King” (Photo)
  • Jim Lively, Dallas, Texas. Piece Title: “4,827 Mornings”
  • Liss LaFleur, Dallas, Texas. Piece Title: “You Belong to Me”

    U.S. Artists

  • 3_Search (John Ensor Parker, Leo Kuelbs, and Glowing Bulbs), Brooklyn, New York and Budapest, Hungary. Piece Title: “Sense/Coalescence”
  • John Dombroski, Austin, Texas. Piece Title: “Broadcast”
  • Tom Harman, Flordia, Piece Title: "Project Dali"

    International Artists

  • Fabiano Mixo, Berlin, Germany. Piece Title: “Women with Mandoline”
  • Jens Normann Jørgensen and Dark Matters, Copenhagen, Denmark. Piece Title: “Blackout”
  • Jevan Chowdhury, London, England. Piece Title: “Moving Cities”
  • Scenocosme (Gregory Lasserre & Anais met den Ancxt), St Etienne, France. Piece: Urban Lights Contacts

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