This show has been canceled. Aisha Tyler is smart. She is also knockout-gorgeous and tall, and she even knows how to do all that makeup, hair and clothes stuff really well. And she is funny--really funny. The actress and comedian is also an activist, a feminist, a writer and an avid gamer (and voice actor in the upcoming Halo: Reach game), not to mention the fact that she holds a degree in environmental policy from Dartmouth. No shit! And, coolest of all, she was on Friends. Tyler first made a name for herself as host of E!'s Emmy-winning Talk Soup and the dating show The 5th Wheel. She went on to a historic role on Friends (playing the only African American character in the hit sitcom's 10-season history) and then to many other roles in TV and movies, stopping along the way to write a book, play a few hands of poker and become a columnist. Phew! The whole crazy thing began with stand-up, so don't miss this Renaissance woman as she makes her way to our neck of the woods and gets back to the basics at the Addison Improv, 4980 Belt Line Road, this Thursday through Sunday. For tickets ($15 to $17) and showtimes, call 972-404-8501 or visit improv.com.
Thu., April 22; Fri., April 23; Sat., April 24; Sun., April 25, 2010
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Katey Margolis

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