Balloon Dresses: Popping One Dream at a Time

This is a moment when the phrase "it seemed like a good idea in theory" rears its ugly head. At first glance, this seems like an over-the-top couture dress, but upon further investigation, you realize that the shiny material is actually rubber. Yeah, it's an effing balloon dress.

Since Thelma Levett decided to replicate Kate Middleton's wedding gown with balloons, everyone's been on a helium kick. For designers like Rie Hosokai and popular retailers like Victoria Secret, this unique textile has upped the level of creativity in the fashion world.

As we all know, everything looks fantastic from afar, but if we take a deeper look into the world of balloon fashion, the cons begin to outweigh the pros. A dress that features 5,000 plus balloons could pop or deflate and cause a serious wardrobe malfunction. You also can't sit down, keep the dress after your wedding day or rub up against anything sharp (insert pun here).

So, we tip our hats to the world of bubbly latex, but before making that impulse buy, we ask you this: are you ready for things to get poppin'?

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