Banned from Grindr, 500X "Puts a Gas Mask on It" at the Hot-n-Sweaty Open Show

You know how in Portland, if you want to spruce something up you put a bird on it? Well in Dallas, a gas mask will suffice.

500X's unjuried open show opened Saturday night with enough art to make your head spin. Some of it was insanely good. Some was, well, what you might expect from an open show. G. Mateo Diago's "Findr Nite Lights" stood out as one of the most creative and provocative. Check out some photos after the jump.

From G. Mateo Diego's "Findr Nite Lights" -

I don't even want to know what it takes to get banned from Grindr.

Gold star installation.

Rachael Epstein's "War"

Leighton Autrey

The walls at 500X were hella busy - did you snap some pics of great work we missed? Send it our way, or let us know in the comments below which pieces that other readers should be sure to check out, on exhibition through June 17 at 500X.

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