Be Miserable, Together

Did you dream a dream that you were belting out the Les Misérables songbook during last year’s big-screen blockbuster? Sorry champ, that was Anne Hathaway. But if you think that your vocal skills could give Anne and the rest of the Les Mis cast a run for their money, then we think you should do a bit of musical collaboration with The Women’s Chorus of Dallas at the Les Misérables sing-along. Though it’s generally frowned upon to talk (and sing) at the movies, the theater etiquette rule book gets thrown out the window this weekend, so join your musical brethren and hear the people sing this Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Royal Lane Studio Movie Grill, 11170 N. Central Expressway. Tickets are $20 and include admission, a drink, popcorn and your very own choir of backup singers. Call 214-520-7828 or visit twcd.org.
Sun., April 28, 2013

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