Be Very Afraid

When was the last time you were scared out of your pants? Was it watching a horror film, or something more terrifying like an episode of Hannah Montana? Dun dun dun. Well, if you're looking to get spooked, look no further than Screams Halloween Theme Park. Admission to Screams is $24.99, and I'm sure you're thinking, "What, is this haunted park paved with gold?!?" The answer is no, it's not. But guess what? That price gets you unlimited access to five haunted attractions including Castle of Darkness, 3D Pirates of Peril, The Arcane Asylum, Unkle Koy's Klown Maze and Ghoulish Graveyard. And for a few extra bones (yep, I just did that) you can check out additional attractions like the climbing tower, rides, psychics and more. You can probably skip the psychic, though, because I can already tell you what's in your future -- night terrors. Pack some candy corn and head south to Screams, located at 2511 FM 66 in Waxahachie. The park is open Fridays and Saturdays through October 29 as well as the most obvious bonus day ever, Sunday, October 30.
Fridays, Saturdays; Sun., Oct. 30. Starts: Oct. 7. Continues through Oct. 29, 2011
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Allison Perkins