We always thought the greatest stand-up comedy routines about ethnic stereotypes and racial tension were best served with intelligence, fire and a desire to challenge the audience's assumed norms. After watching Comedy Central's Mind of Mencia, however, we realized how stupid that was—repeatedly shouted phrases like "beaner" and "how many Mexicans can fit into a single bus?," along with played-out Arab, black and Asian jokes, are a much better way to do it. Thanks, Carlos Mencia, for taking a stereotype-laden dump on Richard Pryor's grave! We'd personally congratulate you at the University of Texas at Arlington’s Texas Hall, 701 W. Nedderman Drive in Arlington, at your 8 p.m. stand-up performance, but instead, we'll be too busy feeling bad for how you sold out your cultural identity so frat boys could giggle while waiting for another season of Chappelle's Show. Tickets are $35. Visit
Fri., March 31, 8 p.m.
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sam Machkovech