Best Of Dallas 2011: Help Us Help You Decide On Dallas' Best

Yep, we're already there again. Venus temperatures are officially upon us. Oh, and we're gearing up for our big ol', bad-ass issue: Best Of Dallas. If the Rapture goes on as predicted, we're looking at one of the last Best Ofs ever. So, naturally, we want your feedback.

It's taken 21 long years -- replete with drained handles, reams of recyclable material and late nights out doing "research" -- but we think we've finally mastered the challenge of turning our grins into less shit-eating, more sincere ones when it comes to doling out the compliments. But just in case, we're asking for a little help.

After the jump, you'll find approximately half of the Readers' Picks categories from last year's arts, entertainment and culture sections (the second half to come in a future post). We're asking you: Which arts-fartsy categories do you like? Which need to be kicked to the curb? Which categories are so irreplaceable, it'd be better to chisel them onto some sort of dual stone tablet?


Best Public Sculpture

Best Hair Salon

Best Theater Company

Best Movie Theater

Best Bookstore (New)

Best Bookstore (Old)

Best Hotel

Best Art Gallery

Best Place to Get Tattooed

So, which to keep and let go? And what are we missing? Let us know what you think in the comments ...

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