Best Places to Adopt a Pet in Dallas

If you're looking for a specific breed, there are quite a few organizations dedicated to matching pets with a forever home — the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas, for example. But sometimes it's more specific to a connection with an animal. Sometimes you'll meet an animal and know. And if that's how you're interested in adopting a new four- (or three-) legged friend, here are a few places to start your search. 

Operation Kindness
You're a good person. Can you really look into those eyes and not rush out to pick up the sweet kitten who just wants to lay on a sunny chunk of the floor? Now imagine Sarah McLachlan's voice singing in the background. That's what we thought. The kittens and puppies, and older animals, are waiting for a hero to take them home and feed them. They just want to love you. 

DFW Rescue Me

This holiday season "adopt don't shop" would be just a lovely motto. Think about how much joy a wagging tail or a gentle purr and happy face would bring to your life. They function as a foster service, putting the pets in temporary or permanent homes as quickly as possible. DFW Rescue Me has numerous adoption events throughout the year where you can meet a new best friend or bring your current pet to see if it's a good match. 

Dallas Animal Services

Sometimes bringing a pet into your life is a noble, beautiful thing. Dallas Animal Services is the organization that takes to the streets, responding to calls about animal welfare, and provides the critters they pick up a temporary shelter. But they need you to come in and adopt the pets into a loving home. 

Dallas Pets Alive!

Dallas Pets Alive! really believes in the power of the furry friend and the importance of adoption. They get behind that promise by including in the adoption fee spay/neuter, de-worming, current vaccinations, microchip, heart worm testing and any necessary treatment. They have a large number of dogs and cats, young and old, all of whom just want to curl up at your feet by a warm fire this Christmas. If you're interested in fostering a dog, they are looking for temporary holiday homes for a number of their critters as well. 


Everybody knows the SPCA, but have you met their friend Pete? The SPCA is one of the the largest animal welfare agencies in North Texas, housing numerous adorable pups, like this happy Blue Heeler mix. Browse through their online database of kitties, pooches, horses, pigs and more until you see a friendly face you want to see every day. 

Humane Society of Dallas

A no-kill shelter committed to caring for and re-homing pets, the Humane Society has the philosophy that there is no such thing as "too ugly to adopt." They take in as many animals as they can, so if you're looking to do good when you pick out a furry friend, you can help them make space for the next critter looking for a warm bed and a roof over its fluffy little head. 
The Streets 
Sometimes little pups will wander into your life and you just can't turn them away. An entire puppy litter was dumped in my mother's North Dallas neighborhood, which is how I ended up with my pooch. What's the saying about love? It always comes when you least expect it. There are some dogs roaming the streets who just need a little TLC.
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Lauren Smart
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