Betty White Turns 90, Frosts Local Comedian

Everyone's favorite brassy

Golden Girl

Betty White turns 90 today! In addition to squeezing in every cameo and roast that can possibly be wrinkled into a schedule, she's also managed to helm the new (gotcha!) prank show

Betty White'sOff Their Rockers

. In it, rehearsed sketches are interspersed with spontaneous ones where the young beautiful people of the world get punked by those pranky, got-nothing-to-lose senior citizens.

Hilarity ensues.

Last night's episode featured a quick cameo by local shirtless stud/Dallas Comedy House graduate, Jackson Marshall who is set up to jump out of a cake in a pink bikini brief but instead gets slathered with White's frosting. In honor of her birthday let's all watch Betty White put frosting on a hot guy from Dallas for about 20 seconds. Man cake decorating scene hits at 6:45.

Betty White, we salute you.

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