Bizarre #Dallas Instagrams from the Weekend (Oct 25 - Oct 27)

There's always something going on in Dallas, so we thought it'd be fun to live vicariously through your adventures.

Each week look for our #Dallas Instagram recap of people, places, events, food, and more. This recent #Dallas photoroll turned up some bizzare photos, including a creepy cake, a handful of clowns and a penguin on a motorcycle.

"panduholic Don't U Know That I'm TOXIC?"
"Surprise! #cake #cake #cake THANK YOU @onesweetdreamllc amazing like always."
"More Halloween pics"
"Next big single from AVID and her mother @cher "Let them eat GLITTER!" Coming to men's bathroom near you!"
"My babe at the #hallowheelie ride in #dallas!"
"#clowns #halloween #dallas #roundup"

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