Bookmaking in Deep Ellum With the Bradford Sisters

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Here we are at the third edition of our photo feature, Profiles In Pictures, where every couple of weeks or so, photographer Sara Kerens brings us an intimate perspective on a different Dallas creative. Along with the parade of images of locals who create with their hands, minds or both, we ask the subject a set of Qs to give us a little more insight on their worlds.

This week, we take a look at a dynamic duo for our profile. The Bradford Sisters work out of the heart of Deep Ellum, doing all sorts of things from analog bookmaking to digital web development. Take a look after the jump for the images and their answers to our questions.

Who are you, what do you do, who do you do it for, and where do you do it?

I'm Courtney Bradford, graphic designer and writer. I'm a part of Eyegate Media, a creative collective based in Deep Ellum, and co-founder of Emery Industries-- we make books.

My name is Lindsey Bradford. I illustrate, make books, and develop for the web. A few years back, my sister and I started making journals and other hard goods; this naturally led to our starting Emery Industries. I'm also a part of Eyegate Media, a creative team in Deep Ellum.

What do you find the most satisfying about what you do, and why?

Courtney: I find personal projects most rewarding, because they remind me of why I chose to pursue media in the first place. What drives me is the desire to contribute interesting and meaningful work to the world, a world that is fueled by visual media. I'm also an avid writer and photographer, bent on the same purpose.

Lindsey: Beauty and solidity are two things that have always drawn me to traditional craftsmanship. There's a certain fulfillment that comes from seeing these qualities in your work-- especially when you can hold it in your hands, use it, and carry it with you through life.

What is your favorite tool/special resource that allows you to do what you do?

Courtney: On one hand, travel. The thrill of exploring new places and fresh perspective always breathes a curious energy into my work. On the other hand, my community here is invaluable. This is my home.

Lindsey: I can narrow it down to two: My cast-iron paper guillotine, weighing nearly one thousand pounds, and my fine line markers.

What do you enjoy the most to do when you're not creating/working?

Courtney: I love reading, especially classic literature. I also enjoy riding my bicycle, cooking, rock climbing, watching films, and nerding out over hand-drawn type.

Lindsey: Perusing antique malls is a favorite pastime. I also drink a lot of coffee, which is a great companion to writing poetry and sketching.

If you could snap your fingers and immediately possess the knowledge and/or skills of an entirely different discipline, what would that be, and why?

Courtney: I wish I could sing and play the piano, but I'm pretty sure that I'm tone deaf. That being said, I'd settle for the skills necessary to possess and run a coffee farm in Africa, much like Isak Dinesen.

Lindsey : I think I'd really love to be an architect; it's a dream that runs in the family.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.