Born to Fill … Bingo Cards

Many games require more skill and mental prowess than bingo, but we suspect nothing’s as entertaining as a game of chance that includes drag queens, costumed players and more attitude than your grandparents’ bingo tournament. GayBingo is wrapping up its 10th year as “the most outrageous game in town,” and this month’s edition takes you back to the ’60s. It’s time to dust off the combat boots or visit the military surplus store because the theme is Platoon. We don’t want to relive the brutality of the Vietnam War, but the 1986 film does make us yearn for the era when Charlie Sheen was just a young, fresh-faced actor rather than a train wreck. March over to The Rose Room at S4, 3911 Cedar Springs Road, at 6 p.m. Saturday for the last installment of GayBingo this year. Tickets, $26.50 including a service fee, are available at We’re going to have to disagree with Sergeant O’Neill on this one. Excuses may be like assholes in that everyone has them, but you have no excuse to miss GayBingo, especially since it won’t be back until January.
Sat., Nov. 19, 6 p.m., 2011
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Elizabeth Bair
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