Bourne Legacy, The Campaign and Other Films Opening in Dallas This Week

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Ever do a search for "movies opening this weekend" only to find that none of the good ones are actually playing in Dallas? We're here to save you from that disappointment.

The Bourne Legacy This freestanding installment in the Bourne series has a new plot line and hero with actor Jeremy Renner. If you love spyjinx, air conditioning and any film with Edward Norton, this will be your weekend blockbuster. Yes, screenwriter Tony Gilroy of the first three films is reBourne as Legacy's director and showstopper Rachel Weisz costars, but I get a little nervous when a trilogy runs out. Remember, that's how we got Jar Jar Binks. (Playing everywhere)

Hope Springs Screen goddess Meryl Streep and dad hero Tommy Lee Jones star in this tale about old person nookie. Or rather, lack thereof. After being married for 31 years, Streep's character decides she wants them to leave the couch, go to Steve Carell's intensive couples counseling course and get the romance back in their marriage. Problems: They've tugged enough cardigans onto Jones and Streep that they now actually resemble my parents. Watching a movie about my parents' sex life is the stuff of night terrors. Also, Steve Carell wears his concerned koala face through the entire trailer. (Everywhere)

The Campaign Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. Baby punching. Shit talking. Politicking. What I'm hoping to see: Ferrell, More Anchorman, less Blades of Glory. Galifianakis, More Hangover, less Road Trip. Thanks guys. (Playing everywhere)

Nitro Circus 3D I know the phrase "Nitro Circus" ignites every juggalo warning receptor in your brain, but these guys aren't Faygo-sprayers. They'll do lot's of other dumb things though, like flip speed boats, jump off of tall things and leap across rooftops on bicycles. They're like human embodiments of Extreme Doritos and 72 Hour Energy Drinks. After the movie ends, they'll actually climb out of the screen and ask to crash on your couch. 3D! (Playing everywhere)

Nuit #1 (Night #1) You'll have to wear your reading eyes for this one, but if you like drugs and sex it's a fair trade. Clara and Nikolai meet while slow motion sweat dancing at a rave, then they have a lot of sex. Canadian style. Afterwards, the drugs wear off and the strangers get real with each other. I was surprised to learn that it won the award for Best Canadian Feature Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival, but only because I didn't know Canadians made movies. (Angelika)

The Queen of Versailles While most people love a rags to riches story, I prefer riches to rags. When folks get too much money, they get sloppy with their humanity and start doing dumb things, like buying cities off Craigslist and naming them after "breastaurants." Or, in the case of Jackie and David Siegel, owners of the world's largest timeshare empire, they build the biggest single family home in America. It stretches to 90,000 square feet with ten kitchens and a full-sized baseball field. Then, the real estate market dissolves. Documentary filmmaker and photographer Lauren Greenfield follows the family from Versailles to Walmart. (Angelika)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.