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Branded Brilliant: Three Sharp Minds Explain Logo Effectiveness, Tonight

Branding has been a business tool since the earliest labels were printed, but in recent years it's become impossibly pervasive. The days of an elite few sloshing scotch in an advertising office, allowing their genius to define a brand are over. Now, it's collaborative. Also, branding involves everything from visual arts, print making, font selection, wit, design, social media and most importantly: the logo, to properly make its impact.

Tonight you can join three of the area's sharpest dudes as they wax logo creation and effectiveness at "Visual Distillation: The Art of the Logo" at the Frisco Discovery Center's Black Box Theater. Don't allow their MFA student status to fool you, these guys are pros and all of them currently have work showing in the center's show "Pieces of Eight." Jeff Joiner has done all things marketing over the course of his career, but most recently he's known for founding the Austin-based company Rocketlab, a marketing think tank with a strong eye for branding and design. Printmaker Adam Rawlett will drop pigmented science bombs as he educates the audience on how physics and religion inspire his creation of visual art. Completing the cycle of logo ingredients will be photographer Ben Davis, who'll explain what it takes to snap something truly memorable.

The whole thing is free, educational and a chance to meet a few peers who share your appreciation for good design and branding. It runs from 5 to 6 p.m. this evening.

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Jamie Laughlin
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