Bring Man's Best Friend

I believe it was the great Ben Kingsley that said, "Never, ever, ever trust anyone who doesn't like dogs. You meet someone who doesn't like dogs - you alert the authorities immediately and sure as shit don't marry them." This is the life motto that everyone should live by. Any good person's Instagram feed and spare time should be filled with puppies and kittens, even throw in a kid goat for all I care. THOSE are the people that I, and you should want to spend time with. Good news for anyone in Dallas, Dallas Market Hall (2200 Stemmons Fwy.) will be hosting this year's Dallas Pet Expo Saturday. Bring your leashed pets with proof of immunizations to witness live demoes of obedience training, pet sports, prizes and giveaways for costume contests and talent shows. There will even be booths set up for adoptions, immunizations and nail trims. I'll take looking at Nelson the Golden Doodle or Walter the Wolfhound over keeping up with Kim's Instagram feed any day of the week. Admission is free. Check out for more info about this wonderful event.
Sat., May 9, 11 a.m., 2015
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Lucas Buckels
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