Budweiser Introduces Poolball To Celebrate Start of Soccer Season

Budweiser teamed up with FC Dallas and debuted their weirdest newest marketing strategy this afternoon at Dallas' beloved American Airlines Center. It's called Poolball and its YouTube video explains the essentials through Budweiser's requisite B's: beers, babes, balls and bros.

Here's what it looks like if you still haven't figured out your flash player: take your basic pool table and then cut the legs off, enlarge the playing surface to an area large enough to fit six or seven full grown (professional soccer playing) men, throw it on the floor, put metal guards around it, turn the billiard balls into tiny, colorful soccer balls and then play pool with your feet. And your head. But not your hands. NEVER YOUR HANDS.

The video alludes to some elevated structure that boasts an ice cold home for beer in its nether regions. This was the not the case at the debut today, but it is likely in the midst of construction at some secret Budweiser lab in the desert. I hope.

Some of Dallas' key players, including the 6-foot FC Dallas star Brek Shea, came out to show the media how to kick some Poolball ass. Other players present were Andrew Weideman, Ruben Luna, Blas Pérez, and the most enthusiastic Poolball player ever, Ugo Ihemelu. This game actually has serious goodtimes potential. The "arena" is big enough to get everyone involved but small enough to create legit competition and have everyone making that imma-stick-my-tongue-out-and-stare-real-hard-at-the-corner-pocket face we have all made in a bar somewhere in Texas.

Budweiser and the FC Dallas Club hosted the media event to debut the fun new game and gear up for the beginning of the regular MLS season, which begins with the first kick this Sunday at 2pm. The game is at FC Dallas Stadium (ahem, Pizza Hut Park) in Frisco and tickets are still available.

More photos on the flip side.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.