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Burlesque Goddess Dita Von Teese: "I Really Don't Get Hit On"

Dita Von Teese cannot be confined to one avenue of employment, while she's known primarily for bringing back -- and glamming up -- the arena of burlesque as a whole, she's also a fetish model, author, actress, creator of a German make-up line, and for the last several years, the cocktail-shaking spokeswoman for Cointreau. We caught up with her at a private party for the company where Dita held court in a poolside cabana. Below her, L.A.'s newest synchronized swim team, the Aqualillies, performed.

Dita doesn't intend to get wet, it would be detrimental to the fabric of the gossamer-thin, 1930's bias-cut sheer dress she's chosen for the evening. It's a poppy, floral print, accented at the tips of her shoulders by indigo velvet spaghetti straps which are tied into perfect bows. She's shy, and smiles sweetly without fully raising her eyes. Instead, she tilts her head forward bashfully, revealing a perfect 1940's tube of jet black hair. She is Dita Von Teese, the most glamorous lady in the world.

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Jamie Laughlin
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