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Calling Dallas Artists: Sell Your Work And Fund A Microloan

The bat signal is up. Whole Foods in Fairview is searching for artists. The event, Whole Foods Market Art Fair, is being held on March 31 from noon to 6 p.m. and all participants can as much as 80 percent of what their work sells for -- a much better percentage than most galleries can afford to pass on. All forms of art -- from painting to sculpture -- are needed and there is no limit on the amount of pieces that each artist may include. The idea is that by creating an unconventional gallery space and getting Dallas' creative types involved, the Whole Planet Foundation (the recipient of the remaining 20 percent of profits) is bolstered.

Partnered with Nobel Prize co-recipients Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, Whole Planet Foundation generates cash to fund grants for micro-lending institutions in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Those groups go into impoverished villages and fund family or cooperative operations, like a honey-harvesting business, a ceramics operation or a food stand. The organizations work with the families to create business plans and budgets, so that when they are financially stable, the loans are repaid and redistributed to other would-be small businesses who need a little lift up but don't have the collateral to back a traditional loan.

If you're interested in participating, time is crucial. Contact [email protected] by Thursday, March 15 and let them know what you'd like to include in the art fair.

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Jamie Laughlin
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