Camping in the City

It's one of those glib icebreaker questions you've heard or used. What would you take with you if you only had a few minutes to leave your home? It lets you get to know someone a little better by asking what he or she truly values. Would you grab family heirlooms, photos or something more practical? If I could only take one thing, it would be my dog. He'd offer some protection, companionship, comic relief and—in a worst-case scenario—about 50 pounds of meat. It's a comfortable question for most Americans because it seems so unlikely. In reality, you'd take only what meets your basic needs: clothing, water, food, cash and maybe a dog. The question isn't hypothetical for an estimated 33 million people around the world forced from their homes by conflict. To help people understand the plight of war refugees, the Bath House Cultural Center and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) present A Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City Thursday through October 14 at Flag Pole Hill (in conjunction with the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Forgotten War photography exhibit at the Bath House). Workers will guide visitors through aid tents and explain the challenges of providing nutrition, water, medical care and shelter in a refugee setting. Visit
Oct. 11-14, 2007
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Jesse Hughey
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