Candles, Cake And All That Jazz

There are only a few career options with a name like Buster Cooper. You could be the star of screwball comedies. Maybe a very low-end private eye. Or you could be one of the world’s most beloved jazz and tap dancers. Dallas’ own Buster Cooper, a nationally known teacher and choreographer of jazz and tap, is turning 90, and to celebrate his getting one step closer to a centennial, the Dance Council of North Texas, Michael Jenkins and the Music Hall at Fair Park are throwing a swanky birthday bash in the M Dining Room (909 1st Ave.). Cooper has had multiple students show up on Broadway (at one point six simultaneously) and the dress code for the party must be appropriate “to honor 90 years of star quality.” Interpret that however you’d like, but we’ll probably be there in a group costume as Orion’s Belt. Tickets are $35 as of now, with all proceeds going to Buster Cooper tap and jazz scholarships with the DCNT. Call 214-219-2290 or contact [email protected]
Sat., Aug. 31, 2013
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Luke Darby
Contact: Luke Darby