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Can't Live Without It: Curiosities for the Eclectic Soul at Dolly Python

I'll have to break somebody's legs up in payroll before I make another trip over to Dolly Python, because that place has everything I want, but nothing I (particularly) need. *Not a real threat, payroll; I'm a writer, not a fighter.* Whenever I step through those doors, my staying on budget becomes a contact sport.

Sauntering in yesterday afternoon just as they were about to close up shop, I still had plenty of time to draft a pages-long wishlist of items that will likely be long-sold before I have a chance to properly insexify my house and wardrobe. From a rare 60s-era dress with enough "breathing" room for us buxom-types to a boar looking like he might have lead charge in the Boer Wars, we've got some vintage retail porn for all your wallet-wanking pleasure.

I'm going to put this fella over my bed to weed out the "un-adventurous" types. That's what you call a conversation starter/stopper.

True story, I had a college roommate with a 6 ft Captain Jack Sparrow poster that I found more unnerving than this tripped-out swashbuckler by Clay Stinnett. This one's but a taste of Stinnett's mini-collection of massive, variegated canvases for sale at Dolly Python.

You know, not my style per se, but somebody needs to snatch this li'l $42.00 gem for the free Dallas watch party at the Angelika on Wednesday.

As I mentioned before, finding sexy but classy vintage threads that fit and flatter a curvaceous body is no easy task. This beauty was in solid condition - the pic doesn't do her rich hue and patterned material justice - and at a totally reasonable $38.00, she's going to make some lady-with-a-bitchin'-bod mighty happy.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.