Carlos Donjuan's "Sympathetic Drank" at Rising Gallery

Thanks to the popularity of artists like Banksy, graffiti is becoming a more accepted form of art rather than just the unsolicited tagging of newsstands and buses. Local artist Carlos Donjuan has elevated graffiti, and his works, along with other members from the art collective SourGrapes, can be seen in many public spaces in the city.

But Donjuan's talents reach beyond the city streets. His paintings and those of SourGrapes members including Artura Donjuan, Miguel Donjuan, Ricardo Oviedo and Emily Donjuan are on display in the Wonder Years exhibition at Rising Gallery. This painting by Carlos Donjuan, "Sympathetic Drank," evokes a sense of brotherhood.

Donjuan is inspired by what he sees on the streets, as well as what he sees in museums. As he says in his artist statement, "My paintings work as narratives that are greatly influenced by everyone from Michelangelo to Alice Neel to Twist to Revok. There are elements in these works that deal with personal influences such as Catholicism, Mexico, Oak Cliff, illegal immigration, politics and family. The portraits not only tell stories, but also document several cultures and movements that these individuals are a part of."

Wonder Years is on display at Rising Gallery through August 15. Call 214-559-4158 or visit risinggallery.com.

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