8 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July in Dallas

Break out your floor-length American flag apparel this holiday — it's time to get weird.
Break out your floor-length American flag apparel this holiday — it's time to get weird. Shutterstock

There’s still a lot to love about being an American. Our government has its misgivings, but at least we still know how to stop and smell the grill.

The Fourth of July is upon us, and now more than ever, it's important to celebrate what made America great in the first place. We live in one of the most powerful nations in history, and for 241 years, we have stood for the continuation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And while some of us feel those first two are beset at all sides by enemies, we’ve got that last one covered for you.

Whether you’ll be celebrating this Fourth of July with friends and family or going independent on Independence Day, here are a few things you can do to reinvigorate your latent patriotism.

Second annual 'Merica the Beer-tiful Party
Texas Ale Project
1001 N. Riverfront Blvd.
12-6 p.m. Saturday

Our country was founded in pubs, so it makes perfect sense to commemorate the end of British imperialism with a cold one. The Texas Ale Project is bringing more than just brew, however. With live music, delicious smoked meats and an endless supply of Topo Chico, this “beer-tiful” party will be fun for the whole family (pets included). The kids can knock down oversized Jenga blocks and toss water balloons while parents knock back craft ales, just like our founding fathers intended.

Lone Stars & Stripes Celebration
Lone Star Park
1000 Lone Star Parkway
Gates at 3 p.m., first race 5 p.m. Monday and Tuesday
$5 ($20 for parking)

It must have seemed like a pretty big gamble for the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to fight against their former tyrannical masters, but their long-shot horse made it to the winner’s circle in the end. Certainly you could at least risk a tenner on a horse of your own at Lone Star Park. The annual two-day affair is one most people have been to at least once. There’s fireworks, family fun and, of course, horse racing to enjoy, all culminating in a spectacular fireworks display of bursting bombs and rockets' red glare.

Grand Prairie Premium Outlets Fourth of July Sale
2950 I-20 Frontage Road, Grand Prairie
10 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday and Tuesday

What’s more American than a shopping spree? Answer: a shopping spree on the Fourth of July. Why not celebrate independence by stimulating the economy at below-MSRP prices? The Grand Prairie Premium Outlets are extending their hours and deepening discounts to make the idea even more appealing. Pick up some fresh summer threads, a bottle of discount perfume and some new grilling tongs, and revel in the consumerism that made America great.

Fourth of July at Armoury D.E.
Armoury D.E.
2714 Elm St.
9 p.m.-midnight Tuesday

Maybe the trip up to Grand Prairie is too much of a trek. Maybe you’ve had your fill of family outings this Independence Day. Maybe you’d rather just Plymouth rock-out in Dallas’ premier party place, Deep Ellum. The Armoury D.E. is putting on a blockbuster lineup of local acts that’s sure to be more interesting than flashing fireworks. Stay close to home and make some new friends by the bar while Jared and The Jewelers, Criminal Birds and Mean Motor Scooter make enough noise to drown out your revolutionary plots. Did I mention that’s how America was founded in the first place?

July 4th Fireworks at WinStar World Casino and Resort
WinStar World Casino and Resort
777 Casino Ave., Thackerville, Oklahoma
9 p.m. Tuesday

While the founding fathers were great and all, they sure gave the real Americans a raw deal. Forced from their homes, swindled via treaties, mocked by football teams; Native Americans have a completely different perception of the Fourth of July. But they still like blowing things up all the same. Head down to Oklahoma and catch the WinStar’s annual firework display. Then work off some of your privilege-borne guilt by losing some cash to the Chickasaw Nation at the penny slots.

The Revolution Lives! Live Reading of The Declaration Of Independence
Saputo Law Firm
1320 Griffin St. E.
6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday

What better way to reaffirm your belief in America than by going back to the spark that started it all? The Declaration of Independence will be recited in its entirety by performance artists and some local attorneys. No frills or explosions here, just a simple reminder of what being an American is supposed to mean. No matter how messy politics can get, we’ll always have these self-evident truths as the foundation of our nation.

BaeWatch Pool Party Independence Day Splash
Wyndham Garden Dallas North
2645 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway
2-10 p.m. Tuesday

Did you know Benjamin Franklin was a well-known lothario back in his day? Honestly though, how can anyone resist an opening line like: “Hey, there. I invented bifocals.” Channel your inner Franklin and visit BaeWatch to get lit the American way. Sip red, white and blue cocktails by a pool, while DJs Trill and Tazia Alexa pump out sensual beats on the wheels of steel. You may not get as lucky as the man on the $100 bill, but boldness is what the Fourth of July is all about.

Red, White and Bullets
Lonestar Gun Club and Redneck Resort
1525 Lawson Road, Mesquite
8 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday, July 8

Is it just me, or have fireworks have gotten a little passé over the years? Leave the sparklers and M80s at home this year, and exercise your right to bear arms instead. Throw the kids in the car and pop off a few rounds in honor of our Grand Experiment, at the LoneStar Gun Club & Redneck Resort. They’ll be setting up live music, a BYOB patio, and selling discount ammo for you to shoot till your heart’s content, the weekend after the Fourth of July.

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