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Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, Will Come To AT&T Center In May.

The original "pack leader" and canine mentalist Cesar Milan comes to the Winspear on May 30, with tickets going on sale this Friday, September 14. It will be an evening of conversation with Milan, coupled with demonstration. He's scheduled to speak about the events of his childhood that coalesced to form his Dog Whisperer superpowers but he'll also be joined by a canine companion, so those clamoring for demonstrations of his signature transformational techniques will not be disappointed.

It's Milan's ability to communicate with dogs while establishing his dominance that has made him so famous. Owners of delinquent hounds the world over loyally collect his books and television episodes and use his website for quick reference tutorials. His Dog Whisperer empire is hinged around a two-hit system: fix the human, then fix the dog. His assessments nearly always find that the human is placing his or her own emotional state on the pet, which then absorbs the emotional residue and manifests it through behavioral misconduct.

His latest tour, "Trust Your Instincts," features Cesar in a makeshift living room explaining common power shifts between dogs and owners, dosed with a heavily comedic delivery. Join him for this one-night performance, but act quickly. This show will sell out.

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