Cheapskate's Guide to Resolutions: Quit Smoking, Work Out and Be Great -- All for Pennies

Resolutions are a great way to reinforce your personal-reflections through action. But those monstrous alterations to self, like quitting smoking, better budgeting and sculpting a beach bod are tougher to achieve than they are to drunkenly shout about on New Year's Eve.

By the end of week one, you'll frustratingly realize that keeping those pledges requires work. Stupid terrible work. Luckily we have local resources available to help you achieve your champagne wishes on a PBR budget. Here's a few you might find handy for 2013. Quit Those Cigarettes -- Yep, you need to lock yourself up for a little while: You'll be an emotional werewolf for at least a month. Coming off cigarettes is a nasty business -- it's made even nastier when you realize that smoking cessation tools like patches, lozenges and gum are extremely expensive.

The Texas Department of State Health Services has an program that makes the whole thing much easier: They offer phone counseling, quitting plans, and all of those nicotine replacement tools to calm your inner monster, for free. So if cold turkey isn't for you, call 1-877-YES-QUIT. Here's a link to even more resources.

Work Out, Cheaply -- So you want a better body but gyms aren't for you? You've tried jogging in Converse, then you felt your legs splinter and crumble beneath you. It's time to try something more calming, like Dirt Cheap Yoga.

Run by a tiny team of bendy people, this program has been operating for several years in local Dallas parks, and it's expanding even more in 2013 with services beginning this month in Lake Highlands. Classes are also offered at Exall Park (convenient for East Dallas, Fair Park, Downtown and Deep Ellum residents), Kidd Springs (handy for you Oak Cliffers) and Reverchon (Cedar Springs, Oak Lawn, Design District, Uptown-friendly).

Here's the best part: while yoga costs between $16 and $20 bucks a class everywhere else, with a Dallas parks and recreation annual membership ($15) you get single, drop-in classes for $8 at Dirt Cheap Yoga. Oh wait, it gets better: save even more by buying 8 classes for $50. That's $6.25 per class, and your first one is free. You'll feel more balanced, sleep better, look better and you won't go broke doing it. Check out the program and class schedule here.

Figure Out My Finances/Build My Credit -- Go with the standard non-profit for this, Consumer Credit Counseling Service has locations in Dallas, Arlington, Irving, Mesquite -- everywhere, dude. They'll sit down with you and help iron out all of those wrinkly financial pockets that need mending. They also offer advice for homebuyers, general money management classes and all kinds of other tools that will help you keep that financial resolution.

Train my Dog -- All Breeds Obedience Training Club meets at Flagpole hill each Wednesday night and offers discounts for shelter dogs. If you adopted your pup from the Humane Society or another similar non-profit, you'll get your 8 weeks of training for $40. If you want to continue training, you can spend $50 and drop into any class for the rest of the year. You won't find a cheaper, more convenient program.

Take Care of My Pet's Health -- Vets are expensive, and that's why we cheapskates are so thankful for Outreach Animal Clinic. It's a flat-out remarkable Dallas service that offers low-cost vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention treatment, microchipping and spay/neutering services every Friday. You'll save a ton of money and keep your furchild healthy.

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