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Cheapskates' Guide to the Symphony

Has proper wooing taken a backseat to filling your gas tank? Has dinner out devolved into off-brand mac 'n' cheese night? Has your undershirt become your "sexy shirt?" Darling, that's no way to live.

The Dallas Symphony wants to readjust your idea of what is accessible for a proper date night. If you act quickly you can surprise your significant other (or just treat your musically-savvy self) without blowing what's left of that 401K. Got an anniversary in the next 6 months? An out-of-town guest? Just wanna show off to your friends? Be the wise person who plans ahead, pinches his pennies, and comes out looking like a smooth operator.

To snag cheapo ($20.12) tickets to any available Classical, Pops, or Family performances in the upcoming 2012 season, just purchase tickets online using promo code 2012email. But do act quickly: this deal expires at 11:59 p.m. on New Year's Day. Don't trust the interwebs? That's alright, you can call Guest Services at 214-692-0203 and name-drop that same promo code to receive the deal. Then sit back, put a proper shirt on, and commence wooing.

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Jamie Laughlin
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