Check Out These Permanent Markers

There are few professions more interesting than that of tattoo artist. On one hand, the pro tattooist gets paid to create intricate, often beautiful pieces of art on a daily basis. They form relationships with clients and collaborate on permanent illustrations that people live with for the rest of their lives. There's something truly beautiful about that. On the other hand, for every awesome and elaborate tattoo they do, there's some dumbass waiting in the lobby with dreams of a barbed wire armband. And so I wonder, does the tattooist ever try to talk someone out of impossibly cliché or just plain bad ink? Or do they suck it up, grit their teeth and fire up the stylus? Im guessing the latter, but man—that requires a level of professionalism I'm not sure I could call up when confronted by a sketch of a dolphin tramp stamp. The 150-plus artists at the Immersed In Ink Tattoo and Arts Festival have probably seen their fair share of these, but they also trade in some of the finest body art in the country. Take them your ideas between Friday through Sunday at the Arlington Convention Center, 1200 Ballpark Way, for your chance at a one-of-a-kind piece (or some ill-advised ink). Admission is $20 or $35 for a three-day pass. Visit for more information about the artists, activities, seminars and contests.
June 10-11; Sun., June 12, 2011
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Jennifer Davis-Lamm