Was it Colonel Mustard in the library with the wrench? Au contraire. You're not talking about Clue Jr. here, especially if an audience member ends up being the murderer. In the Murder Mystery Players' Shooting at Southfork, participants will have to put their game faces on when eight of them are handed scripts, costumes and props and forced to become characters in the show. Can they outwit the detective and figure out who shot J.R. Spewing during a rowdy meeting about the publication of his scandalous tell-all book? Who knows, but guests will surely wine and dine while talking up suspects and winning prizes for their valuable detective skills. Just don't ask Colonel Mustard for the answers. He won't know. Shooting at Southfork takes place 8 p.m. Saturday (with additional shows through November) at the Southfork Hotel, 1600 N. Central Expressway. Tickets are $55.95, or $36.95 for non-Valentine's shows. Call 972-978-9715 or visit
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Carli Baylor