Cocaine, Celebrities and Comedy: Best Children's Charity Event Ever

The only thing this poster for the Josh Howard Weekend Comedy Show is missing is a couple of strippers twerking their asses out at the camera. Otherwise, it's perfect.

The weekend events are a fundraiser for the Addison-based Josh Howard Foundation, which rewards middle- and high-school students' scholastic and social-work achievements, assists senior citizens and funds after-school programs. And why not do so with a comedy show?

Now, when looking for a way to promote a children's charity event, some people might shy away from using an enormous image of a comedian with booger sugar caked on his nose and another rail lined up and ready to go. Especially people who have been taken to task by fun-hating or hypocritical journalists for their honesty about smoking pot in the off-season, run-ins with the law over alleged street-racing and clowning around during what had to have been the 100,000th time he endured a performance of the "Star-Spangled Banner."

But not J-Ho. He is either completely oblivious to how the public, particularly white people unfamiliar with comedian Lil Duval's spoofing of Gunplay and other rap C-listers caught tooting blow on camera, might react to the image, or he knows and doesn't give a shit. Either way, I applaud him.

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