Come Clean

Maggie Cheung is a gorgeous Asian superstar. She's earned it, doing 82 films and TV shows since 1984—quadruple the work of film "sisters" Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh. She's worked alongside Jackie Chan and, more recently, Jet Li (Hero, 2002), but her work in Wayne Wang's Chinese Box (1997) and Kar Wai Wong's 2046 (2004) shows off her true dramatic talents. She won international accolades (and Best Actress) at the Cannes Film Festival in French director Olivier Assayas' drama Clean—the gripping story of an ex-druggie mom coming clean to support her son Jay (with Nick Nolte as the gentle father-in-law who offers faith and forgiveness). Catch this beautiful "kick" to the heart as part of Fort Worth's Magnolia at the Modern series Friday through Sunday. The Modern is located at 3200 Darnell St. For show times and ticket reservations call 817-738-9215 or visit
May 26-28
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Danna Berger