Come Get Nogged With Us at Our December Tweet Up Party

'Tis the season to get drunk at your office holiday party and sloppily flail around on the makeshift dance floor to "Sexy Back" -- don't act like that wasn't you last year. But this year, spare yourself the Monday morning embarrassment by skipping the holiday party altogether and getting drunk with a bunch of strangers instead.

This Thursday, December 15, the Dallas Observer invites you to come out to Sherlock's Baker Street Pub in Dallas, where from 6 until 8 p.m. you can throw back dollar margaritas and draft beers, munch on free bite-sized appetizers and attempt to keep rhythm to local cover band Drive's live performance. They might even play "Sexy Back" if you ask nicely.

Also, if you RSVP on the event's Facebook page, you'll have a chance to win VIP tickets to the Lights All Night New Year's celebration at the Dallas Convention Center.

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