Comedic Notes: The Turtle Creek Chorale's Five Funniest Moments

Saturday night's Cirque! Anything Goes! event at Edison's proved to be a very successful fundraiser for TCC. They raised $60,000 plus. (They're still shy of the $100,000 they need since 60% of their budget is from donations and the Meyerson costs them $10,000 a pop to use.)

The place was packed with handsome men, a handful of lovely ladies and tons of incredible auction items, including a trip to Europe complete with two round-trip Business Class tickets and a Rail Europe Global Pass with fifteen days of unlimited first class travel over a two month period for travel in twenty-two countries.

They also announced their upcoming season, which includes a Madonna/Madonna concert that I cannot wait to see. It's Madonna the Material Girl juxtaposed with Madonna the Virgin Mother in a multi-media event. That's some blond ambition.

In honor of what is sure to be a huge highlight in TCC history, I plied artistic director Jonathan Palant for the top five hilarious highlights from previous TCC concerts. Laugh along after the jump.

Honorable mention (upcoming): In their upcoming Cole Porter show June 23 and 26, TCC will perform "Be a Clown" complete with fireworks, red noses, balloons, acrobats "and there might even be a pie in the face."

5. When they sang the Aggie song from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: "Ten strapping studs straddling a locker room bench."

4. When they sang "Stars and Stripes Forever" with the US Army Chorus in their Celebrate America concert in 2009: They were the first gay chorus ever to record with the Army Chorus, and they'll be singing again with them this year.

3. When Stephen Pyles "cooked" on-stage and "we faked the sizzle" at the Music be the Food of Love concert in 2009: "We rolled out a kitchen a la The Today Show." Plus, one TCC member appeared in drag as Stormy Weather and got naughty with a can of Cheese Whiz while singing "I Dream a Little Dream of Cheese."

2. When TCC sang back-up for Nikki Blonsky, performing "Good Morning Baltimore" and "I Hear the Bells" with her in a concert in December of 2008: "I dressed in the pink outfit Nikki wore in the movie and was chased off the stage with Hairspray."

1. When Joan Rivers used the C-word onstage...as her opening line. She and the Chorale did a split show in 2008, where she performed one half and they performed the other. She was invited as part of their new mission statement to entertain, educate, unite and uplift. "I'm not sure she educated. But she did the rest."

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