Conduit Gallery Offers a Fine Lookin' Trio of Exhibitions

While the rest of us are freaking out about what to buy Aunt Fern for the holidays, Conduit Gallery is basically blowing up with shows.

There's Jeremy Red's solo show of unconventional portraits, Catching Up -- his first here since he moved from Denton to Seatle, WA in 2003. There's a group show called from outside, in floats a music box, and then Tom Russotti is putting on a mock trial of sort under the show name Hatchjaw and Bassett LLP. The latter is clearly a commentary on overpriced attorneys and frivolous lawsuits. The former, well, they are an exciting mash-up that provides us a three-in-one of Fine Lookin' Pieces.

Jeremy Red's "Alex 1" (above the jump) looks like a page from a smart graphic novel or a swath of poignant public art taken from a building. We get the perspective of a bear who comes upon a man who has been stabbed and comments in modern parlance, "are you kidding me?"

"Pyzinerol" by Rex Ray is mod and bright but still strangely organic, pulsing with color and energy. You can almost imagine it animating. And, forgive the reference, but something about it calls to mind Disney's It's a Small World After All -- in the best way.

W. Tucker's "Pop" is a collaged album cover featuring a Can-Can dancer performing in front of the foot lights with three faces sketched in the background. The faces like hecklers to the dancer. The word "pop" floats in the darkness, a commentary on the performance, the piece, or the original album, perhaps?

Drool over all of them as the exhibitions continue at Conduit through December 31.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.