Cool As Ice

When someone mentions Paul Newman, I immediately think salad dressings, salsas and Ginger-O's, but then I picture him as Luke in the opening scene of Cool Hand Luke. Drunk and wearing a satisfied, smug grin, he's slowly, methodically cutting the heads off rows of parking meters with a pipe cutter. He seems increasingly happy and contented with each beheading. When the cops show up, Luke just laughs and flashes them an arrogant grin. The police arrest him, and he's charged with the malicious destruction of municipal property. He's shipped off to a chain-gang prison in the South. But, once there, he repeatedly escapes, and he becomes mythical in the eyes of the other prisoners. The film's anti-establishment message is undeniable. Luke is the quintessential anti-hero--a non-conformist who would rather die than give in to "The Man." So, embrace your inner anti-hero, and head over to the "chic, urban-styling" of NYLO Plano at Legacy, 8201 Preston Road. They'll be screening Cool Hand Luke on a large screen in their 6,000-square-foot courtyard as part of their Movies Under the Stars series. The screening is free, and there's a bar, so bring extra cash. But make sure you leave your pipe cutter at home. For more information call 972-624-6990 or visit
Thu., Aug. 21, 2008
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Daniel Rodrigue
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