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Crash the Party at the Texas Association of Schools of Art This Week

At this year's Whitney Biennial, the museum invited three curators from outside of the museum to work on the acclaimed exhibition. The goal of the biennial is to present the work of contemporary emerging American artists. And in 2014, only one curator was from New York; the other two brought their expertise from Philadelphia and Chicago. The goal behind that was to bring in knowledge of art outside of New York, to "de-center" the exhibition, if you will.

The Texas Association of Schools of Art has nothing to do with the Whitney Biennial, technically. But for its conference this year, it took this idea of "de-centering" to heart, with the goal of taking a look at how the American art world is changing, and whether or not Texas and the central U.S. are becoming increasingly relevant. Oh, and to fully explore the conference's theme of "Off Center," TASA invites curious outsiders to crash the party.

TASA announced this week that it will open two of its panels to the public at no cost. So, if you're interested to hear what's on the minds of Texas art schools, artists, and the media clear your calendar Friday and head downtown.

The first panel that they've opened to the public is, "What's New on the Scene" - the media panel (which, yes, I happen to be on); the second is a panel on the conference theme, "Off Center" that includes Whitney Biennial artists, Diego Leclery and Pedro Vélez, alongside artists and instructors from Chicago and Dallas. More information below or at

Friday, October 24

What: "What's New on the Scene" panel discussion (in conjunction with the) 2014 TASA (Texas Association of Schools of Art) Annual Conference When: Friday afternoon October 24, 2014 1:30-2:30 pm Where: Omni Hotel / Katy Trail Ballroom (2nd floor) / 555 S. Lamar St. / Dallas TX 75202 Contact: 214-860-2115 Cost: Free (Donations Accepted) This afternoon panel, taking place as part of the TASA "Off Center" Conference, will feature distinguished members of Dallas arts media, all with insights into the full range of the evolving art and culture scene, from the museum/institutional level all the way to the underground art and performance aesthetic. Panelists come from a variety of art-based backgrounds, including visual art, performance, and music.

Dallas artist, faculty member at U.T. Arlington and member of the Sour Grapes graffiti crew, Carlos Donjuan, will moderate the panel. Admission is free to the public, though donations will be accepted for the TASA student scholarship fund.

Panelists for this event include: Lee Escobedo, Publisher THRWD Magazine and organizer of underground art/music/performance events Gini Mascorro, Veteran of the Dallas music scene and coordinator or music for KXT FM Radio 91.7 Peter Simek Visual arts writer for D Magazine Front Row Lauren Smart Arts and Culture Editor for the weekly publication the Dallas Observer Ken Villalovos Publisher A+C Magazine, focusing on fine arts coverage: visual art/performance/dance/music

What: "Off Center" panel discussion (in conjunction with the) 2014 TASA (Texas Association of Schools of Art) Annual Conference When: 6- 7:30 p.m. Friday, October 24 Where: H. Paxton Moore Fine Art Gallery - El Centro College / 801 Main Street / Dallas TX 75202 Contact: 214-860-2115 Cost: Free (Donations Accepted) As a part of the 2014 TASA (Texas Association of Schools of Art) Conference, hosted by El Centro College in downtown Dallas, a panel on the conference theme of "Off Center" will be held on Friday evening October 24th from 6:00-7:30 pm in the Student Center, just outside of the H. Paxton Moore Fine Art Gallery on campus.

El Centro College Gallery Director Randall Garrett will moderate this panel, which builds on the idea of "de-centering" emphasized in this year's Whitney Biennial, aiming to explore the evolving dynamics and relevance of Texas and the central U.S. as a contemporary art destination away from the prevalent East Coast / West Coast dynamic.

Panelists for the event include: Diego Leclery, French artist, based in NYC, 2014 Whitney Biennial participant Stephen Lapthisophon from Chicago, based in Dallas, artist, curator, artist mentor / faculty member U.T. Arlington Sabina Ott, Chicago artist, curator of Terrain art space, faculty member Columbia College Ryder Richards, Dallas artist, publisher of Eutopia art journal, DIY curator and member of various collectives Pedro Vélez, Chicago and San Juan PR artist and critic, 2014 Whitney Biennial participant

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