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Crushed: No Second Show For Chappelle Tonight

Tonight's surprise 9 p.m. Dave Chappelle performance sold out so quickly that odds looked good for a second, later show. Ticketmaster's site even flirted with the idea, popping up a short-lived link to an 11 p.m. performance with no option to buy. The tease lasted for the better part of an hour. We've now received confirmation from House of Blues that they are officially unable offer an encore. This news is extra painful for those who have been watching prices climb on Stubhub where they currently float between $289 to $650 bucks, making that original price of $52 look like a bargain.

Local comedian Paul Varghese has been, quite literally, called in to open tonight's production. While on tour in New Mexico this morning, his phone rang. In five minutes he rearranged his schedule and booked a flight to Dallas. Now, our local comic veteran will finally share a stage with Chappelle.

Those who are fortunate enough to have tickets to see Dave tonight might want to check out a couple reviews of his equally spontaneous performances in Little Rock and Memphis, which both took place last week. By all accounts, he's been nailing it.

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Jamie Laughlin
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